"WE ARE" a global marketplace enterprise brand, online resource center and multi-media broadcast network inspired by the faith, struggle and resilience of extraordinary ordinary invisible people committed to excellence in establishing LEGACY WEALTH!!!

The brand name is comprised of (2) German words...

(Schwartz "BLACK" & Alles "EVERYTHING") ...thus the German name "Schwartz Alles" translates into "Black Everything", which we believe is the ultimate embodiment of encouragement to never give up even while in a space where everything may seem dark, lonely and hopeless in order to birth the reality of unlimited possibilities of earned success, honorable achievement, entrepreneurial freedom, business ownership and ancestral pride through daily demonstration of faith in the midst of a failing systematic world, unjust social struggle and resilience through indescribable pain to overcome life's many hardships and challenges that identifies and authenticates the "true" WEALTH OF AMERICA!!!

Our motto "WE ARE THE WEALTH" ... is the mindset and reality of every "Schwartz Alles"  team member who freely contributes their knowledge, experience, unique skill set, talent and priceless natural GOD given ability to strengthen the heartbeat of our positive entertainment multi-media communication services, urban youth outreach educational programs and global marketplace retail brand.

No matter how difficult the challenge or impossible the task, the "Schwartz Alles" family is committed to facing the daily challenges of diversity head on by demonstrating a heart of Faith, courageous strategic spirit in the heat of Struggle and mastermind focus of Resilience to rise to the occasion with a sense of urgency and relevance enabling us to become that light in the midst of those hopeless spaces of "Black Nothingness" piercing through to illuminate and expose the priceless undiscovered "VALUE" and unlimited opportunity to succeed, experience the joy of abundant living and the honorable transfer of LEGACY WEALTH!!!






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