We are proud to announce our brand new

Global Marketplace Collaborative envisioned by our global brand ambassador J. E. COOPER.

For several years it had been his heartfelt desire to establish a community of skilled marketplace entrepreneurs to unite faith, hearts, creative minds, skills and resources in an all out effort to address the great lack of professional services due to the spirit of narcissism and GREED!!!


Our alliance is an undeniable force to be reckoned with and the reality so many desire to experience.

Perhaps "YOU" are an entrepreneur seeking that same experience, if so do feel free to send your resume right away to:

There's always room for FAMILY!!!

(Analog & Digital Sound Recording )

(Announcing, Special Event Hosting )

( Portrait, Fashion, Product, Sport & Realestate Photography )


do it


( Music Videos, Commercials, Promo Videos, Marketing Videos )

be SET free!!!

Original Monologue By J.E.Cooper

 CONTACT: J. E. COOPER / SALES AT: (440) 373-8080


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